Indiscriminate killing and house burning in Bago Region

July 2nd, 2022
Bago Region
Karen Human Rights Group

46 sourcesTATMADAWMin Aung HlaingGeneral, Senior General, Vice Senior General46 sourcesDEPUTY COMMANDER-IN-CHIEFOF DEFENCE SERVICESSoe WinGeneral, Lieutenant General, Vice Senior General39 sourcesTATMADAW-KYISoe WinGeneral, Lieutenant General, Vice Senior General48 sourcesJOINT CHIEF OF STAFFMaung Maung AyeGeneral, Lieutenant General66 sourcesGENERAL STAFF (ARMY)Moe Myint HtunLieutenant General75 sources3 BUREAU OF SPECIALOPERATIONSPhone MyatLieutenant General120 sourcesSOUTHERN REGIONAL MILITARYCOMMANDHtein WinBrigadier General, Major General66 sources15 MILITARY OPERATIONSCOMMAND61 sources3 MILITARY OPERATIONSCOMMAND59 sources18 MILITARY OPERATIONSCOMMAND80 sourcesUNKNOWN TACTICALOPERATIONS COMMAND(SOUTHERN REGIONALMILITARY COMMAND)38 sources60 INFANTRY BATTALIONIndiscriminate killing andhouse burning in Bago Region

Sources establishing the command chain