Arbitrary Detention, Torture in Mong Ko

April 22nd, 2016 to April 23rd, 2016
Mong Ko
Kachin Women's Association Thailand

46 sourcesTATMADAWMin Aung HlaingGeneral, Senior General, Vice Senior General46 sourcesDEPUTY COMMANDER-IN-CHIEFOF DEFENCE SERVICESSoe WinGeneral, Lieutenant General, Vice Senior General39 sourcesTATMADAW-KYISoe WinGeneral, Lieutenant General, Vice Senior General54 sourcesJOINT CHIEF OF STAFFKhin Aung MyintGeneral67 sourcesGENERAL STAFF (ARMY)Kyaw SweLieutenant General103 sources2 BUREAU OF SPECIALOPERATIONSYar PyaeLieutenant General130 sourcesNORTHEASTERN REGIONALMILITARY COMMAND112 sources99 LIGHT INFANTRY DIVISIONArbitrary Detention, Torture inMong Ko

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