Attempted Rape in Loilem Township

April 17th, 2015
Loilem Township
Shan Human Rights Foundation

46 sourcesTATMADAWMin Aung HlaingGeneral, Senior General, Vice Senior General46 sourcesDEPUTY COMMANDER-IN-CHIEFOF DEFENCE SERVICESSoe WinGeneral, Lieutenant General, Vice Senior General39 sourcesTATMADAW-KYISoe WinGeneral, Lieutenant General, Vice Senior General59 sourcesJOINT CHIEF OF STAFFHla Htay WinGeneral, Lieutenant General39 sourcesGENERAL STAFF (ARMY)Kyaw SweLieutenant General66 sources2 BUREAU OF SPECIALOPERATIONSAung Than HtutLieutenant General, Major General62 sourcesEASTERN CENTRAL REGIONALMILITARY COMMAND47 sources2 MILITARY OPERATIONSCOMMAND44 sourcesUNKNOWN TACTICALOPERATIONS COMMAND (2MILITARY OPERATIONSCOMMAND)28 sources513 LIGHT INFANTRYBATTALIONAttempted Rape in LoilemTownship

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