Arrest, Torture, Unlawful killings, Unlawful killings of persons while in Tatmadaw custody in Namhsan Township

June 1st, 2017 to June 30th, 2017
Namhsan Township
Ta'ang Women's Organization
Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar

46 sourcesTATMADAWMin Aung HlaingGeneral, Senior General, Vice Senior General46 sourcesDEPUTY COMMANDER-IN-CHIEFOF DEFENCE SERVICESSoe WinGeneral, Lieutenant General, Vice Senior General39 sourcesTATMADAW-KYISoe WinGeneral, Lieutenant General, Vice Senior General54 sourcesJOINT CHIEF OF STAFFMya Htun OoGeneral42 sourcesGENERAL STAFF (ARMY)Moe Myint HtunLieutenant General104 sources2 BUREAU OF SPECIALOPERATIONSThan Tun Oo‡Lieutenant General105 sourcesNORTHEASTERN REGIONALMILITARY COMMANDKhin HlaingBrigadier General95 sources1 MILITARY OPERATIONSCOMMAND57 sourcesUNKNOWN TACTICALOPERATIONS COMMAND (1MILITARY OPERATIONSCOMMAND)27 sources501 LIGHT INFANTRYBATTALION33 sources503 LIGHT INFANTRYBATTALIONArrest, Torture, Unlawfulkillings, Unlawful killings ofpersons while in Tatmadawcustody in Namhsan Township

Sources establishing the command chain